Toupee Wig or Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is a problem for both, male and female. Hair helps the individuals to feel confident and look younger.
Wigs are a head cover made from animal hair, human hair or synthetic hair. Wigs cover a larger area of the head. Toupee is a partial wig as it is used to cover just frontal baldness. People wear wigs or toupee for more reasons : fashion, tradition or to disguise baldness.
But is the wig the best choice in order to disguise baldness? For those who consider wearing wigs, is important to know beforehand what that means.
Wigs look artificial , uncomfortable and need a lot of care which means a regular investment. Also, wigs can irritate the skin.
Hair transplant is the most efficient solution and due to FUE technology which is the most modern method, amazing results are realized.
By getting a Hair Transplant, the natural hair is kept , the results are guaranteed and this procedure will not leave scars.
Hair transplant guarantees immediate results and replaced the use of touppe or wigs among those who afford them , especially onscreen celebrities.
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