The Inventor of FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction ) technique

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FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is a modern technique through wish a great amount of grafts are harvested from the donor area and transferred ,one by one , to the beneficiary area.
The FUE technique is executed using advanced grafting techniques and minimally invasive technology.
With this technique are realized the best results in hair transplantation.
FUE method was first described by Masumi Inaba ( Japan ), in 1988 and he introduced the use of a 1mm needle for the follicular unit extraction.
Dr. Ray Woods was the first to do this procedure on patients in 1989 in Australia.
FUE method was also included in the medical literature in 2002 by William Rassman and Robert Bernstein.
Dr. Ray Woods tested and proved the efficacy of BHT or Advanced FUE, which stands for the extraction of the follicular units ( body hair ) and transplant it to the scalp area.
Even if it was documented that the body hair grows only 4 cm, when transplanted to the scalp area, it grows up to 15 cm.
Today , FUE technique give such natural results that even the barber will not notice that you got a hair transplant.
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