How does a hair transplant work in Istanbul, Turkey

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How does a hair transplant work at the clinic Estepera in Istanbul, Turkey ?


Estepera is specialized clinic in hair transplant and hair implants. Located in Istanbul, Estepera has sophisticated equipments which are perfects for hair transplants. The medical staff is particularly qualified and experienced in the field. Doctors at the clinic Estepera mastered the FUE transplant technique. Thanks to the expertise of practitioners’ hair transplant center, patients are guaranteed to get a natural result. Your hair transplant takes place in the best conditions and Estepera takes care of your stay in Istanbul, Turkey. Thus, your support in Turkey will be complete, including accommodation in a hotel with the best comfort.


Before hair transplant


Before considering surgery for a hair transplant, Estepera submits an online quote. The establishment of the estimate is done based on pictures of the balding area and directions sent by contact forms. This allows studying your situation in order to purpose you a personalized intervention. Examinations are required before the transplant surgery.  Radio and laboratory tests should be also performed. After acceptance of the quote, the operation is scheduled. Estepera in Istanbul, Turkey takes care of your movements during your hair transplant stay in Istanbul, including transfers from the airport on arrival.


During surgery


Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that is done under local anesthesia. It’s completely painless. On average, a hair transplant surgery takes 2 hours, but can be longer if you want an important intervention. The grafts are taken at the occipital part of the head, specifically the neck. The area affected by alopecia is prepared for surgery and micro incisions are made to receive the grafts. Then, the grafts are implanted one by one with specific pliers. As a specialized hair transplantation clinic, Estepera performs precision work during each intervention.


After the FUE hair transplant



After performing a FUE hair transplant by Estepera in Turkey, no dressing is necessary. The crusts that appear following transplantation disappear quickly after surgery without scarring. The hair grows back 4 or 5 month after the transplant. A check is performed a few days after surgery. The patient is monitored closely even after leaving Turkey. You can contact the doctors at any time for a postoperative follow-up.