Hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey by Estepera

Hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey by Estepera

Istanbul Hair transplantation has many advantages, both in price and quality of the intervention. Estepera provides effective hair transplants at affordable prices in Istanbul.


Why go to Turkey for a hair transplant

Balding problems can supervene at any age. Hair transplant is a radical, modern and effective solution to resolve it. The result obtained thanks to the intervention is close to the natural. Turkey is one of the leading medical tourism destinations for hair transplant. The country has many advantages in regards to prices or quality of interventions practiced. Estepera is a clinic based in Turkey. It is known for its hair transplant offers, recognized for the quality of care and performance of its equipment.


A complete offer for hair transplant in Turkey


By choosing Turkey for a hair transplant, you have the guarantee to get a complete package. The offer usually includes several advantages such as travel, sojourn and intervention. The transfer from the airport to the hotel and movements during the stay are included in the cost of the transplant. The accommodation, the surgery and the postoperative follow-up are also part of the purpose. Thanks to the Estepera’s offer, the customers benefit of full support during their medical tourism experience in Turkey. The clinic performs interventions in compliance with health and safety rules. The medical staff has many years of experience and mastered perfectly technology and the FUE technique. After surgery, patients receive follow-up in order to check the effectiveness of the graft.



Turkey purposes the best costs for your hair transplant


Compared to Western countries, prices in Turkey for a hair transplant are very affordable. No need to be rich to benefit of quality hair implants intervention. The cost of an operation in Turkey is accessible to everyone because price of the graft is cheaper here. This is related to the cost of living and help from the Turkish state that encourages medical tourism through subventions. These subventions and the low cost of living affect medical costs. Thus, it is very profitable for customers. Estepera offers exceptionally low prices and ensures satisfactory results of hair transplants.


Hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey: how does it work?


A hair transplant at Istanbul in Turkey has many advantages relative to prices but also to the quality of services which are purposed. The trip is fully supported on arrival at Istanbul airport. The patient has a high comfort during their stay. Estepera provides luxury services at affordable prices for customers who wish to benefit a hair transplant operation in Turkey. The hotel, hospital costs, surgery and travel costs are included in the package proposed by Estepera.


Support on arrival at Istanbul airport


During your sojourn of hair transplant in Turkey, Estepera offers complete services. It begins from the day of arrival in Turkey until the date of departure. On arrival at Istanbul airport, a vehicle is available in order to transfer the patients to the hotel. During the sojourn, a private driver takes in charge each movement made during the stay. The vehicles in the clinic are luxurious and comfortable. This ensures optimal customer comfort.


Hotel Comfort in Turkey


During the stay in Istanbul for a hair transplant, patients are accommodated in a luxury hotel. Estepera organizes the stay in order to ensure the well-being of the customers. The hotel rooms are particularly comfortable and cordial. To meet the customer needs, the hotel staff is available at any time. Everything is made to offer a perfect sojourn and ensure the best comfort.


Quality of equipment of our clinic hair in Turkey


Estepera is a modern clinic. It uses news technologies in field of hair transplant techniques. The medical center has sophisticated equipments for the practice of micro grafting surgeries. The hospital is a reference in the middle of hair transplant in Turkey thanks to its sterile operating theaters and suitable tools at disposal for removal and implantation of the grafts.


Quality of care


At Istanbul, Estepera provides hair transplants services in optimal conditions. The skilled and experienced surgeons offer modern treatment methods in order to make patients benefit a natural look. Pre and postoperative consultations are ensured by physicians as part of the intervention. After the surgery, a visit is made to check the effectiveness of the graft. Postoperative care products are also purposed by the clinic (lotion, shampoo, antiseptic …)


At Estepera in Turkey, quality grafts and a skilled medical staff


Hair transplant is a procedure that allows patients to recover their hair despite a severe alopecia. Turkey, particularly Istanbul is the main destination for hair transplant. Estepera offers high level services in field of hair transplant. The medical staff is composed of surgeons and experienced but also skilled nursing in modern transplant techniques. The clinic has sophistical equipments for realizing surgeries in order to ensure their good proceedings. Moreover, Estepera meets the standards of hygiene and safety.





Your hair transplant during a trip to Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul is a popular destination for medical tourism. The country is known worldwide for effective hair transplant practice at very competitive prices. During a trip in Istanbul, it is possible to receive a transplant intervention FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. Estepera is a clinic that provides quality hair transplant at affordable prices in Istanbul. The medical center has modern equipment and skilled staff. Moreover, the entire stay is supported by the clinic.


About Istanbul


Turkey is situated between Europe and Asia. The country is well served by the airlines of worldwide. Istanbul is a modern city but it is also the cradle of many old civilizations. There are many historical and cultural sites and lot of monuments to visit in the city. Saint-Sophie basilica, the Blue mosque, the engulf Palace or Galata Tower are among unavoidable of Istanbul. It is also possible to visit the Grand Bazaar or make a trip on the Bosphorus. A medical tourism trip can help you discover at the same time this city of a thousand faces.


FUE hair transplant


FUE hair transplant is a modern efficient alopecia method of treatment. FUE transplant has the advantage of being more attractive compared to other methods. The procedure is painless and leaves no visible scar. The FUE transplant technique involves removing the follicular units one by one from the donor area that is usually located on the occipital part of the head. The grafts are then transplanted on the balding area with a specific micro-forceps. Estepera is specialized in FUE hair transplant in Turkey. Its medical center has the human and material resources to perform quality interventions.