Hair transplant cost in Istanbul, Turkey

Hair transplant cost in Istanbul, Turkey

Hair transplant is a radical and effective solution for baldness sufferer’s people. However, some people dare not envisage this option because the operation is very expensive. The Estepera clinic located in Istanbul offers to realize quality hair transplants at low cost during a medical tourism trip in Turkey.

Fue Istanbul

Considerable reductions on your hair transplant costs


The Estepera clinic which is specializing in hair transplant in Istanbul proposes reductions of 70% regarding the costs of hair transplants. The low prices offered by the clinic are explained by two reasons:

– Turkey is investing in medical tourism. Thus, the State supports financially clinics and agencies. These subsidies allow them to reduce the prices of hair transplant.

– The cost of living is low in Turkey and this promotes these reductions. Thus, that impacts everything including hair implants what makes its cost price low.

The Estepera clinic has good reputation thanks to the quality of its interventions and the strength of its experience. Distinguished by the quality of its equipment, it offers the best rates.


What is included in the cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul?


  • FUE hair transplant session in Turkey (without pain and scar) is between 2000 and 4000 follicular units. The graft cost is determined after performing a pre-made picture consultation. When the hair grows, you will get between 1 and 3 hair if you performed a graft.
  • Preoperative blood tests.
  • All medical expenses (emolument, clinic fees, anesthesia …)
  • A session of PRP, PRP technique (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a technique used in hair surgery which consists to extract the plasma from your blood (performing via blood test) in order to place it on the graft. Thus, healing and hair regrowth will be optimized.
  • 3 nights’ accommodation in a 4 * hotel, breakfast included.
  • Transfers: Airport / clinic / hotel
  • The post operative care for the first year.


Save thousands of dollars by making your hair transplant in Estepera clinic of  Istanbul


Turkey guarantees a high level of care, both in terms of physician competence and quality of clinical equipment. So, you can make your hair transplants and save money thanks to low prices that the country offers. Benefit of full support upon arrival at the airport as well as quality care. Feel free to compare prices for your hair transplant. This will let you save thousands of dollars.