Hair Loss Myths


Most common facts you hear about hair loss :
1. Stress can make your hair fall out (True) – Stressful conditions have been known to cause hair loss.
2. Hair shouldn’t be brushed when wet (True) – Wet hair is more fragile and makes it prone to breakage.
3. Frequent shampooing will lead to hair loss (False) – Using a proper shampoo will do more good than bad and will keep the right hygiene.
4. Shaving one’s head will make the hair grow back thicker (False)
5. Balding is linked to old age (True) – Genetic baldness appears as the individual ages. Anyway, alopecia areata is another type of hair loss and is common in children and young adults.
6. Pluck one grey hair and two will grow back (False)
7. Overexposure to the sun will cause hair loss (True) – Ultraviolet Radiations ( UV ) can weaken the hair.
8. Shaving one’s head will make the hair grow back darker (False)
9. There are products that will make the hair grow thicker and faster (False) – No products or methods were scientifically proven to grow hair thicker or faster.
10. Hats can cause hair loss (False) – Follicles get oxygen from the blood, not from the air. So wearing hats will not cause hair loss.
11. Dyes may cause hair loss (False) – Dyes contain chemicals that can harm your hair if not used correctly, but they will not cause hair loss.

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