FUE Technique


Every day thousands of people benefit from this modern – FUE-technique.

One of the major benefits of hair transplant procedure is that it takes a few hours, and then the patient is allowed to return home, without the need of hospitalization.

In general, there are no negative effects of hair transplant and there are a limited number of instructions to follow.

With the latest hair transplant procedure called FUE reach impressive results. FUE method is a method of extraction of donor hair follicular units (in natural groups of hairs) are extracted one by one and then transplanted into the patient’s problematic areas .

With this method, there will be no scarring, there are no stitches or cuts. Another good thing is that you are you own donor. Therefore, there is no question of match or allergies.

With the help of modern technology (FUE) of hair transplants were done million cases successfully with satisfactory results. Even people with advanced age have found a new ray of hope with the invention of this technique.

With fewer expenses, people can easily find the solution to their hair problems.