Advantages Of Fue Technique


 Superiorities of this method with regard to other methods are as follows:.


  • No suture required.
  • Scalpel is not used.
  • Definitely no scar is left and nothing indicating the hair transplant is visible.
  • It can be applied to both women and men.
  • It is an esthetic operation without ache or pain.
  • A very short time of recovery is needed. Normal activities can begin quickly after the operation.
  • The results are very natural in appearance.
  • Restructuring of eyebrows and beards is easy and effective.
  • Hair can be harvested from almost anywhere on the body.
  • Since esthetic surgery is external, more than one application can be applied within a short term.
  • Since there is no restriction on donor area, the patient’s desirable thickness is thoroughly achievable at receiver areas.