FUE hair transplant in Istanbul,Turkey

In order to fight against baldness, the most effective way is the FUE (follar Unit Extraction) implant. Fast and simple, the surgical operation leaves no scar appears. The advantage of these hair transplants is a natural and sustainable result. FUE is a non-surgical method of hair and beard transplant which fight against baldness by reimplantating to the treated person his own hair follicles. This innovative hair implantation system is carried out by our experienced medical team of Estepera clinic in Istanbul. It offers a natural result without stitches, without scars and without risk of rejection. The process requires time and precision. So, it requires high level skills. Istanbul in Turkey is the world capital of hair transplant and Estepera is a locally renowned clinic thanks to its capillary implant skills. For more information see:

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The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey, in Istanbul

Our hair transplant solution offers you natural and sustainable results. This is achieved by a treatment without scar, without pain and without complications. Our hair transplant clinics offers attractive costs for services that quality is likened to European and US clinics. Learn more about the hair transplant costs in Turkey.

A trained and experienced medical team

The Estepera clinic’s doctors, who practice hair transplant master all hair transplant techniques implemented because they are experienced and constantly trained. Dr. Gamze Menteşoğlu manages the hair transplant service at the Istanbul clinic.

Your stay in Istanbul

You are followed by a team of professionals from your arrival in Istanbul for your hair transplant. Thus, you will get personalized care. For your sojourn, in order for you to benefit the most of our best offer, we suggest to you full support upon your arrival at the airport. Europe gate, Istanbul is one of the most advanced cities in the world as regards the capillary surgery. Here, is where you will find your specialized clinic in micro hair transplants.

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How does a hair transplant work at the clinic Estepera in Istanbul - Turkey ?

Estepera is specialized clinic in hair transplant and hair implants. Located in Istanbul, Estepera has sophisticated equipments which are perfects for hair transplants. The medical staff is particularly qualified and experienced in the field. Doctors at the clinic Estepera mastered the FUE transplant technique. Thanks to the expertise of practitioners’ hair transplant center, patients are guaranteed to get a natural result. More : How does a hair transplant work at the clinic Estepera in Istanbul, Turkey ?

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